An above ground pool is one of the best places to cool off and have a nice time with friends and family, and the fun doesn’t have to end because the sun has gone down if the weather is still warm.

Illuminating your above-ground pool with awesome underwater lights can create a great lighting ambiance in your yard and extend your swimming time into the sunset. To choose the right pool light, you may need to consider its durability, the brightness of the light, how close it needs to be to a power source, as well as its special features like colorful light effects and few add-ons.

Here, we have selected few variations from the best underwater above ground pool lights that meet the standards and promises to provide your above-ground pool with the right amount of illumination.

Hayward Elite Underwater Quartz Halogen (4.2 / 5) Check Here
Intex Led Pool Wall light (4.4 / 5) Check Here
Kokido K753 Super-Klear-Night base kit (4.1 / 5) Check Here
Pentair Aqualuminator (3.8 / 5) Check Here
SmartPool NL35 NiteLighter (3.8 / 5) Check Here

1) Hayward Elite Underwater Quartz Halogen above ground pool flood light   

Hayward Elite’s Quartz Halogen is a special lighting system and one of the best underwater above ground pool lights designed to illuminate all kinds of above ground pools, be it a permanent one or the storable type. It is an underwater flood-light packed with cool features and all necessary tools for setup at an affordable price. The unique feature of this pool light is that it is flexible, yet rugged, as it can rotate 360 degrees.

The 50-watt halogen light has an optical lens that disburses its light for full pool coverage, and the package includes a lens kit with different colors to enhance the night mood and add special pool effects. The housing of the Halogen light is very durable and it is made of a high-grade acrylic material that is resistant to chemicals.

Hayward Elite above ground pool light has an inbuilt transformer with an on/off switch that steps down the voltage from a standard wall outlet to the required 12V, and it includes a 25-inch cable, long enough for easy placement of the pool light. Overall, the pool light will create a dramatic lighting effect and provide the needed illumination to enjoy a beautiful night swim with the family in your above-ground pool.

Top Features

  • It is easy to install and won’t interfere with the circulation of the filter system
  • A wall cutter is included in the kit for easy wall perforation when installing the pool light
  • The halogen light is multi-colored to add a nice effect to your night swim
  • it can be rotated 360 degrees and you won’t have to reposition the unit perhaps you wish to change the light’s focus

2)  Intex Led Pool Wall light   

The Intex pool light is a 3-watt LED which is designed to illuminate your pool for a night swim and to add a beautiful lighting effect to it. It is one of the “KEYWORD” and it is perfect for soft-sided swimming pools as it is designed specifically for non-steel pool sidewalls with a thickness of 0.04 inches or less.

The LED light is very effective for a night swim as it will light up the entire pool base and shine through the water from one side to the other. The LED light can be plugged into 110V wall outlets and there is a transformer within to step down the voltage to the needed 12V. The power cable has a good length so you are not restricted from positioning the light at your preferred point in the pool.

To install, place the LED light on the sidewall from inside the pool and place the base on the outside, and they’ll stick to each other. The lighting unit attaches to the wall and gets powered by the magnetic base, and it is super easy to install. Even when the magnet is detached, the lighting unit will float and can be easily retrieved.

Top Features

  • The LED light is easy to install and it attaches to the sidewalls through a magnetic mounting system
  • The LED unit can extend to any part of the pool as it includes a 23-inch power cable
  • The unit is compatible with the standard 110V power outlet and there is a transformer to step down the voltage to 12V
  • It is specially designed for above ground pools and it is very affordable

3. Kokido K753 Super-Klear-Night base kit    

The Kokido Super Klear-Night is a round-shaped white plastic LED light specially designed to illuminate above ground pools in the dark. It is a good way to enjoy a good night swim with the family even when the sun is down.

The Super Klear-Night kit includes two 70Watts LED lights which are enough to illuminate your swimming pool if positioned strategically. It comes with an expansion kit for larger pools that may require more light units and you can purchase an additional LED light separately for more illumination.

Kokido K753 Super Klear-Night kit is easy to install on pools with steel walls or soft sidewalls, as it features a Magnetic base to hold the light disc to the sidewall from outside the pool. The cables are also long enough and you will be able to extend the LED lights to any part of the pool. The unit can be connected to a standard electric outlet and there is a transformer to step the voltage down to a safe 12V.

Top Features

  • Each of the pool lights is bright and the unit works fantastic.
  • Additional light kits can be attached to the setup if you need more illumination
  • The unit attaches to the sidewalls through a magnetic base
  • It is easy to install or remove

4. Pentair Aqualuminator above ground pool light      

Pentair Aqualuminator pool light is specially designed for above-ground pools to deliver optimum brightness under water through Hydro-Optic technology. Since the unit is a product from a leading brand that specializes in fluid control and the designing of pool supplies, it is built to take on two functions. Aqualuminator functions as a pools light as well as water return system, and it fits properly into most return fittings.

To make the Aqualuminator a proper replacement to the existing return fitting of your pool, the unit is vented and designed to maintain directional water flow as well as ensure proper water circulation. The pool light runs safely on 12V with the help of an included step-down transformer that is compatible with the standard 110V power outlet.

The unit includes a blue lens cover and a green one to add color effects to the lighting system which makes it one of the “KEYWORD”. There is also an optional fountain attachment that can be bought separately with the unit. The step-down transformer has a control on/off switch, and it is pre-wired with a 25-inch cable which is long enough for an easy location and extension of the unit.


  • The unit is durable and the light output is quite brighter than an average pool lighting system
  • The unit comes with lens covers of different colors to add some light effects to the pool
  • It doubles as a water return system as well as a pool illuminator and it is easy to install
  • It is compatible with most return fittings and it can be used with salt systems of up to 6,000 ppm

5. SmartPool NL35 NiteLighter underwater light for above ground pools   

NL3 Nitelighter halogen is an affordable underwater lighting system from Smartpool that delivers well when you need to illuminate your above ground pool for a nighttime family fun. It comes with a 35-watt light bulb which is built up with lasting halogen technology, and the single unit is sufficient to illuminate an entire pool which makes it one of the “KEYWORD”.

The Nitelighter pool light is built to standards, it is certified by ETL, and it comes with a 6-month customer warranty. The lens of the Nitelighter is chemical-resistant and the unit will not interfere with water return. The full kit also comes in an attractive 4-color retail packaging which can be used over and over to keep it safe after use. The unit can be connected to a 110V power outlet and it comes with its own transformer which is designed to step down the voltage to 12V. With the NL3

Nitelighter, you won’t need to drill your pool sidewalls. All you need to install it is to assemble the parts, suspend the unit on the pools sidewall, and screw it up. Additionally, an installation guide is included to guide you through the setup process.

  • The cable is extra-long at 28 feet with a plug at its end, and it can be stretched to a good length away from the pool to a power source
  • It is easy to install and it does not require drilling the sidewalls of your above ground pool
  • There is a fuse installed within to protect the unit from voltage overload
  • The unit is compatible with any 110V power outlet