Review of Intex 12-Feet by 30-Inch Ultra Metal Frame Pool Set

Everyone enjoys a good splash in the pool during the hot and humid summer days, and when the pool comes to the backyard it makes the experience even more pleasurable.

The basic concept of above the ground pool is easy to assemble and, they can be placed anywhereincluding backyards or picnic spots in a small space. They can be conveniently folded and carried anywhere as per the fancy of the users.

We have reviewed several models of above ground pools earlier on our website ranging from high-end models and entry level ones too. The entry level model, Intex Easy Set is very gentle on your pockets and does a great job in delivering a promising product. However , it has just one shortcoming – the frame is not made up of metal.

This might not be a big deal if the usage of the pool is light and handling is fairly smooth. However, things may start to go bad if more pressure is exercised on the pool and the frame might not be able to withstand higher pressures and movements.

Intex understands this situation well and it does have a model that comes with a metal frame with same dimensions of easy set, however offers much stability and life.

This pool would cost you little more than the Intex easy set, however still remains affordable , well under $150.

We are talking about Intex 12 Ft by 30 inch Metal Pool Set. 

Let’s take a deeper look at what the product has to offer to us.

Design aspects

Intex Metal Pool SetThe design consists of a metal frame which is galvanized and a deep coating of anti rust is coated in order to avoid corrosion of the metal, due to constant contact with water.

Also, the outer circumference of the pool is made of tough laminated three distinct layers of materials to increase its durability and life; also, there is a drain plug that can directly be connected to the hose pipe for filling in water.

The product, of above the ground pool, can hold more than 1,718 gallons of water which can be delivered at a speed of 530 gallons per hour. The pipes have interlocking system along with vinyl casing to give it the right sturdy touch. It also contains a water filter pump of 110 to 120 V, hence keeping the water clean during use.


The above the ground pool comes in with a book of specification and assembly manual DVD, thus making it extremely simple to set up. The total process would not take more than 30 minutes after which the water could be filled for a nice swim.

The pool is roughly 55.2 pounds in weight and can be easily carried to the spot for installation. In fact this pool has been ranked very high in the amazon bestsellers rating and ranking in Patio, Lawn and Gardens. (The model we are reviewing is is the new version)

Quick Specifications

Size 12 ft by 30 inch
Shape Circular
Pool Frame Material Metal frame
Accessories Filter pump , instructional DVD
Price Band Low


The product delivers great level of customer satisfaction, along with the great feature of easy few step installations. The body does not erode easily and is in good to use state for many years to come.

Intex price their range of pools in such a way that they can suit any pocket who want a personal pool experience along with the whole family in the lawn. The additional feature that adds to its grace is its long extended warranty (this might differ from one seller to another)


The pool due to its soft material on the inside can be obvious to nicks and cuts. Also, during winters it has to be kept inside as the hard climatic conditions could affect the body and coating of the above the ground pool could be everlasting as it cannot be winterized.

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Wrapping Up

The pros of the pool beat down its cons hand down, making it over all a great product and a complete value for your money!

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