Best Above Ground Pool Ladder

Pools are a whole lot of fun, but, they’re also potentially dangerous sometimes. Pools with no ladders are particularly difficult to manage, as there is no way to get in or get out safely, without risking the chance of slippage or something similarly unfortunate. That is why it’s important to invest in a pool ladder. Let’s look at the top above-ground pool ladder options, starting with that which best suits pools without a deck.


Pools with No Deck: Confer A-Frame

Confer A-Frame - best above ground pool ladder

When it comes to supplying pools with no deck with a ladder, the Confer A-Frame is amongst the best options on the market. The Confer A-Frame offers a sturdy ladder that can be set up, secured, and maintained next to a pool with no deck to which to fix a traditional submerged ladder.

The A-Frame requires assembly, but this is rarely an issue, and can support up to 300lbs when deployed and secured properly. Customers unanimously agree that the A-Frame is a sturdy, durable, altogether excellent piece of equipment that will definitely enhance the flair of your pool, and heavily contribute to its safety.


Pools with Decks: Heavy Duty In-Pool Ladder

HD In-Pool Ladder

Pools with decks, however, can defer to the less expensive, equally effective heavy duty in-pool ladders that are on the market. These are secured to the deck, with the steps submerging in the water.

So, one simply climbs backwards into the pool, gradually easing in. These are typically easier to install, less expensive, and more familiar than ladders like the A-Frame, but the latter is the only option in the event of your owning a pool with no deck. If, however, you do have a deck, it might be best to just go ahead and use one of these more traditional ladders.


Comparative Advantages


Advantages of one type of ladder over the other can be a marginal but important factor in helping prospective new pool owners decide whether they want a decked or non-decked pool. In general, in-pool ladders, which are only possible on pools with a deck, are safer options than ladders like the A-frame, because it is unlikely someone at the pool will slip, and if they do, they will most likely fall backwards into the water rather than, possibly, backwards onto the concrete. This is certainly something to consider if you have kids.

Alternatively, the in-pool ladders common to decked pools don’t look quite as nice, and can be a little difficult to use for the more elderly, as one typically has to bend down to be able to reach the handrails of the ladder.

So, if you have kids, such an in-pool ladder is the optimal choice, but if it is primarily older patrons you expect at the pool, the other ladder options are typically much better. Either way, these models represent the best above ground pool ladder products, and anyone in need of such a pool accessory should definitely consider both of them.

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