Finding the Best Pool Thermometer

While the technology behind a digital pool thermometer isn’t very complicated, deciding on the top pool thermometer to track your pool’s water temperature can be difficult. In a market flooded with so many products from so many sellers, finding the item you need quickly and effectively can be a hassle.

Many people are leaning towards a multi-purpose thermometer that incorporates many different features into one small package. Also, not all pool thermometers are built the same, so it’s important to consult reviews before buying. Sorting through hundreds of confusing and competing pool thermometer reviews can be time consuming and difficult, so in this review we’ve narrowed it down to two of the best pool thermometer choices out of the many hundreds currently on the market to make your purchase easier.

Ambient Weather Pool Thermometers

The two best thermometers out right now with multi-purpose digital capabilities is the Ambient Weather WS-14 and the Ambient Weather WS-20. Both products are compact, durable, and built with the user’s convenience in mind. Each product includes a wireless indoor thermometer so you can track the temperature of your pool from the comfort of your own living room.

Save Energy and Money

There are many pool heating systems available to partially or totally heat the water in your above ground or in-ground pool. Many of these heaters come with their own thermometers as part of the electronic system that operates the thermostat, but they’re not as accurate as one may like. Inaccurate readings on a combination thermostat/thermometer can cause more than just a little discomfort than you were expecting when you enter the pool.

Turning your heater to a higher setting because you’re getting an inaccurate reading on a low-quality thermometer can cost you big money on your utility bills. It takes a lot of energy to raise the temperature of your pool just one degree because the thermal mass of all the water in your pool. Either of these thermometers can be used in conjunction with a heating system to create the ultimate luxury swimming experience.

Ambient Weather WS-14 Floating Pool and Spa Thermometer

Including an indoor console and a digital, floating pool thermometer, the Ambient Weather WS-14 brings you the convenience of a high-end thermometer at an affordable price.

The Ambient Whether WS-14 features:

• A floating pool or spa thermometer with an LCD display
• Wireless transmissions from the thermometer to the indoor console
• Updates every 60 seconds
• Low power consumption
• Eight channel selections to avoid frequency overlaps
• Inconspicuous size
• Works best especially with the Intex models: Frame Pool Set and Easy Pool Set

Ambient Weather WS-20 Floating Pool and Spa Thermometer

The WS-20 is an updated and improved version of the WS-14. The WS-20 allows you to monitor the temperature from three different sensors at once. This floating pool thermometer gives you a very accurate pool temperature reading considering it’s updated every minute, meanwhile, other sensors are monitoring both the indoor and outdoor air temperature at the same time. All three temperatures are displayed simultaneously on a large display console that you can keep anywhere in your house that has a direct line of sight with the pool.

The Ambient Weather WS-20 features:

• LCD display
• Eight channel frequency switch
• Solar powered with battery back up
• Best pool thermometer in its class
• Automatically displays each sensor in turn on scroll mode
• Re-synchs itself automatically in the case of a power outage
• Outdoor air temperature range from 40 below to 140 degrees Fahrenheit



If you want to keep track of multiple sensors, the WS-20 allows you to remotely read and update up to eight different remote thermometers at the same time. That’s great for a home that has both a pool and a spa or hot tub, or in commercial facilities where multiple water features need to be monitored at the same time. Whether you choose the WS-14 or the WS-20 I’m positive that you will be satisfied.

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